Hi. My name is Julie!

Hi. My name is Julie.
I'm an alumni of "WIIT." That's my way of saying I was a patient at the Women's Institute for Incorporation Therapy at Hollywood Pavilion.

I'm a trauma survivorů actually, a sex abuse survivor. I had real serious depression. Some of my behaviors had one therapist telling me that I was Bipolar and another was thinking I might have a Borderline Personality. Then I met a therapist that said I had Dissociative Disorder and PTSD. This concerned her because some dissociatives have a history of ritual abuse and even multiple personality, which she called D.I.D. She said because of my vulnerability it would be best for me to go to a women's treatment program like WIIT at Hollywood Pavilion.

It was the best thing I ever did. I met women with all kinds of trauma issues, most of which came from incest or some other form of child abuse. Even though our backgrounds and issues might have been different, we knew each others pain, loss and grief and we all felt safe and understood.

WIIT is a really different kind of treatment. Please take a moment to come on a Guided Tour with me.

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WIIT at Hollywood Pavilion offers treatment for these psychological issues as well as other women's trauma issues:
Depression, Bipolar, Borderline Personality, Child Abuse, Sex Abuse, Trauma, Survivor, Dissociative Disorder, PTSD, Multiple Personality, D.I.D., Ritual Abuse, Incest, Women's Programs